When I told my boyfriend I was doing this post, he suggested I rename it “5 Things he told me, but Ignored Before Becoming a Dog Mom”. I will admit, i’m impulsive by nature. Once I have my mind set on something, it’s hard to convince me out of it, hence my beautiful dog Oliver.

I got Oliver during my last year of college, long before I started thinking long-term about what I wanted out of life. Don’t get me wrong, I love my dog and couldn’t imagine my life without him. After 2 years with Oliver by my side, I have grown tremendously as a responsible pet owner, and below is a little list I put together for those of you who have recently become dog parents or are thinking of becoming dog parents.

1. A dog is for life

Before getting a dog, it is extremely important to remember that you are committing to a creature for the duration of its life. Once you open your door to a furry friend, you become they’re world, and they are dependent on you for basically everything. So don’t get a dog unless you’re prepared to see it through despite the ups and downs.

2. They ain’t cheap

I can’t even begin to explain all the financial responsibilities that come with being a pet owner. In addition to the basic cost of food and toys (which add up really fast), you must also consider the financial cost of things such as vaccines, annual check ups, lease deposits, and training (which I highly recommend!). Let’s not forget emergencies! Dogs can get sick too!

3. Forget about personal space

If you like to sleep comfortably, spread out across your king bed or just enjoy time to yourself, well i’m sorry to tell you, but that ain’t gon happen. My bed no longer belongs to me, it belongs to a 55 pound fury dog named Oliver. I just get to lay in it from time to time and I guess i’m completely fine with that…

4. Patience & dedication is key

When you adopt a dog, you never know what you’re going to get. I adopted Oliver at 8 weeks and it was love at first sight. He immediately bonded with me and my boyfriend, but after a couple months we started noticing some less than favorable behavior. Despite the number of people that told me he was a lost cause especially because of his breed, I never gave up hope. After spending tons of time socializing and training, Oliver has become a burst of joy and captivates the hearts of unsuspecting humans.

5. Brace yourself for unconditional love

I mean, what more can you expect from man’s best friend.

There are many other aspects of owning a dog beyond this list. It’s a learning process that can be frustrating at times, may cause some anxiety, and a little degrading (i’m talking poop duty), but all in all it’s one of the most rewarding experiences I have partaken in thus far… I mean there’s a reason they call us dog moms.


img-4Blog readers everywhere know that when you stumble on a blog that speaks to you, it’s like falling in love with the person behind the computer screen. Whether you’re interested in beauty and fashion or the current political climate in the United States, once you find THAT blog, you just can’t help but whisper, “Yaaaaas! This person gets me”.

In the spirit of this sentiment, I have decided to start my very own blog with endless amounts of information and inspiration. Although I haven’t quite figured out my “niche”, as most pro-bloggers say, I hope to indulge in a mix of all things beauty, life, and random chatter.

As an African American woman and beauty enthusiast, I understand the power of accurate representation. The beauty industry is a billion dollar commodity, of which women of color have contributed over 7.5 billion dollars. So why is it, more often than not, that women of color are largely ignored or underserved by the beauty industry? These are the types of conversations I hope to have on this blog.

So sit back! Grab some tea (or coffee), and follow me on the start of a beautiful journey.